Raspberry Pi Case for Raspberry Pi 2


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The Official Case for Raspberry Pi 2 and model B+ from the Pi Foundation is here in Raspberry Pi's sleek pink and white! The Pi foundation's case is impressive and well-designed and customisable The case comes in five parts so you can snap in sides or tops according to how you're using your Raspberry Pi. If you want a GPIO cable coming out of the top or want to add a hat, there's a pink top with a cut-out in the centre for more flexibility. Or, if you're not a fan of seeing your Pi, there's a white lid that conveniently fills in the gap. Note: The case includes the five snap together parts but not a Raspberry Pi or components.


  • Optional clip-on lid provides protection but can be removed if using a HAT
  • All primary ports (including microSD) accessible
  • Removable side plate allows access to those wonderful GPIO pins
  • Snug and secure fit protects your Pi while looking great!
  • Anti-slip feet keep your Raspberry Pi stable. Power and activity lights still visible through the end of the case


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